What Should Pregnant Woman Eat

What Should Pregnant Woman Eat for Healthy Foods Tips

By Yanti

what pregnant woman should eat

What Should Pregnant Woman Eat

Healthy foods for pregnant women are very important because they are important for the health of the pregnant mother’s body and for healthy growth of babies that are in the womb. And if food intake is not considered healthy it will affect the health of baby in the womb, and therefore a pregnant woman should know the content of the nutrients found in food whatever it takes to be consumed for health conditions for her and the baby awake, and below are some tips on what pregnant woman should eat that may be useful for those of you who are pregnant.

  1. Fruits and vegetablesPregnant women are advised to eat lots of fruits and vegetables because fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients that are composed  from different vitamins and minerals that are needed by infants and pregnant mothers such as vitamin C in vegetables and fruits are beneficial as an antioxidant for the body so as to to counteract the free radicals and boost immunity to various diseases, other examples of fiber found in fruits and veggies beneficial to the digestive process thereby helping the body to prevent disease constipation, etc., and therefore should be vegetables and fruits are consumed every day in a variety of recipes for pregnant women.
  2. EggsPregnant women need a protein that is high enough for the needs of the growing baby inside the womb, and eggs contain a high protein, and besides eggs also contain choline which is useful for improving brain health, prevent neural tube defects, and encourage the growth of babies, eggs also contain nutrients, others include omega-3 fats have an important role in vision and brain development in infants. Although eggs have high cholesterol but low in saturated fat, so for pregnant women where her condition is healthy with normal blood cholesterol levels so they can take 1 to 2 eggs per day.
  3. Salmon FishSalmon fish is one of healthy food what pregnant woman should  eat because of the salmon contain high omega-3 fats that have an important role in brain growth in infants, and salmon also contain protein and other nutrients that are beneficial to the health of mother and baby, but the salmon contain mercury although the amount of mercury in salmon is lower than other types of fish, and therefore pregnant women should not consume too much salmon fish and according to experts about 12 ounces per week is a limit that is still safe to eat salmon. The need for omega 3 fats can also be met through the walnut which is an edible food source for omega 3.
  4. Food grainsFood grains such as wheat germ, oatmeal, corn, quinoa and so are one of what pregnant woman should to eat because the grains are healthy foods that contain lots of fiber, phytochemicals, selenium, phytonutrients, vitamin E, and other antioxidant compounds so that it can helps reduce the risk of obesity  that is often experienced by pregnant woman, lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, reducing heart disease, and so on
  5. MilkMilk is another healthy food what pregnant woman should eat, because pregnant women need adequate amounts of calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Many pregnant women who experience bone problems and therefore they need to drink yoghurt or milk that containing high calcium for the health of the mother and help the formation of bones in the baby. And choose milk which contains high calcium and also contains other minerals and folic acid that are beneficial to prevent anemia, and accelerate the development of the fetal nervous system. Folic acid is also found in green vegetables.
  6. Meat without fatPregnant women need iron every day, and meat contain iron to meet the needs of pregnant women, the meat also contains high quality protein, and choose lean meat and before eating make sure the meat is well cooked so that it does not contain viruses , bacteria or other parasites contained in the raw meat. Iron requirement can be met with other foods such as soybeans and animal heart.

By knowing what pregnant women should eat like some of the information above, it is expected that the condition of pregnant mothers and infants can run well, but do not forget to pay attention to another factor which is a bad habit and give a negative effect on pregnant women health and the infant such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, and try to do healthy life style such as enough sleep, avoiding stress, and do a light exercise so that by simply doing positive things, including consumed  health foods what pregnant women should eat, it is expected that the health of pregnant mothers and baby in the womb  completely maximum and it hope also maximal to have baby birth in healthy and smart condition.


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