What is Bitter Melon ?

Health Benefits of Bitter Melon – What is Bitter Melon ?

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what is bitter melon

What Is Bitter Melon

Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) is a tropical plant and subtropics of the Cucurbitaceae family are widely grown in many countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. There are many varieties of bitter melon fruit with the shape and the different levels of bitterness. And the fruit of bitter melon is one of the bitterest fruits among other fruits. Currently though bitter melon is consumed a lot of people, but there are also some people who are not familiar with bitter melon plant, and do not understand about what is bitter melon health benefits, how to eat it, and other bitter melon benefits.

Bitter melon has many names in several different countries such as pare or pare ayam (Javanese and Indonesian), Telugu (Kannada), Pavayka or Kayppayka (Malayalam), kugua, bitter gourd (Chinese), paakharkaai (Tamil), Korola (Bangladesh), kho quo  or muop dang (Vietnamese), cerasee or cerasse (Caribbean and South America), goya or nigauri (Japanese) ampalaya (Tagalog), karela or karella (India, Pakistan, and Nepal), and carilla (Guyana)

Bitter melon fruit in general is rectangular oval-shaped with a cavity in the center of the cross. Bitter melon fruit has a warty exterior outer skin with a relatively thin layer of meat and surround the central seed cavity filled with large flat seeds and pith. People usually consume bitter melon fruit during the bitter melon fruit is green or slightly beginning to change color to yellow at which time the meat bitter melon fruit if eaten crisp, bitter, watery with soft leather so it’s easy to eat. And the fruit of bitter melon is in the State of southeast Asia is widely used as a salad or mixed with other foods if you want to be consumed.

What is bitter melon nutrition?

There are many nutrients that exist in bitter melon plan, and bitter melon nutrition among others are vitamins A, B complex, C, E, K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, and dietary fiber.

What are bitter melon benefits?

With so many nutrients that are in the making bitter melon bitter melon has many health benefits for the human body, and some health benefits of bitter melon, among others, are as follows.

Eating bitter melon plant regularly can reduce the high sugar content because the content of insulin in the body in the bitter melon fruit is a substance that is effective to keep the rise in blood sugar levels.

Bitter melon juice mixed with red onion and lemon fruit thin drunk regularly useful for treating patients with early stages of cholera, although it was bitter, but its effect can be proved.

The body’s immune
Bitter taste in the bitter melon is beneficial to increase endurance system so that if bitter melon is eaten on a regular basis then it can minimize the body against various diseases, and also a fresher body because the immune system also increases.

Skin fungus
For people with skin diseases it can try to eat regularly because of bitter melon fruit contain many nutrients contained in bitter melon fruit is also beneficial to overcome the skin disease because of fungi and psoriasis.

Bitter melon fruit is also believed to reduce the growth of cancer cells present in the body if consumed bitter melon is diligently every day.

Improve vision
The content of beta carotene contained in bitter melon fruit is useful to keep guard and improve the health of a person’s eyes.

You will know what is bitter melon by knowing various kinds of information above include health benefits of bitter melon for the human body, then  if you want to run a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy meals, so you can try the bitter melon fruit as one of healthy foods to consume  regularly

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