Vegetables and Fruits

Relationship between vegetables and fruits with the human body

Vegetables and fruits that have been known that many common foods for the health benefits of the human body, but many of us do not realize that God has showed the benefits of real vegetables and fruits through the form of and vegetables and fruits themselves, so we can see some examples of fruits and vegetables as below

carotA sliced carrot as the human eye. As the human eyeball, and the incision line the exact same as the human eye. And the latest science to prove that the carrot works to increase blood flow and function of the eyes to be better

tomatoTomato has four rooms in it and a red. Human heart has 4 rooms and is also red. All research shows that tomatoes contain a lot of work as lycopine Feed for blood.

the_grapeA set of grape has a swing like a heart shape. Each grain of grape, such as blood cells and all the latest research indicates that the grape is also good for the heart and the food needed by the blood


Canary nuts such as small-sized brain. left  and right of its  Hemisphere, such as cerebrums top, and below it as cerebellums. Even wrinkling and folding in the page such as nuts,  and neo-cortex. At this time we know canary beans    help to give more than 3 dozen neurontransmitters for brain function


Red beans as a form of human kidney, red beans has a function to protect the eye and kidney function


Celery, and stem from the vegetables shaped like a bone. This special food for this is indeed the strength of bones. Bone consists of 23% sodium and this foods also consists of 23% sodium. If you are less sodium in your diet, the body will pick it up from the bone, this causes bones to become weak. This replaces the need for the required body foods for bone

avocadoAvocado, pear and fruit needed for the health of the mouth of the womb and the womb of women. Food that looks similar to the female organs. Latest research shows that if a woman eats 1 avocado a fruit sunday, will be to balance the hormones, and the mouth of the womb to prevent cancer. Avocado require 9 months to grow from a small ready to eat. There are over 14,000 chemical nutrients in each food


Fig is a fruit and nut filled depending on the number 2 when they grow  (the same as male organs). fruit Fig agility and increase  sperm mobility and also increase  the number of sperm  sterility  also to prevent the male


Olive fruit shaped like a human egg cell, and Olive nutritious fruit to increase the health and function of egg cells

lemonOrange, lemon, and Citrus fruits are very similar with the female milk gland. And believe or not is a nutritious fruit for the health of milk and lymph gland


Such as the onion body cells. Latest research shows that onions help clear the unused material from the entire cell body. Onion can make the eyes can produce tears to wash the outside layer. Garlic, also helps eliminate material that is not useful and dangerous, such as free radicals from the body


Sweet potato, such as pancreas and have a property to balance  glycemic index for diabetics

So the only view of the vegetables nd fruits that we eat every day, we can infer what the benefits to our bodies that we can get if we consume the vegetable and fruit, and we can also see and understand that there is no creation of God that is not useful, and no human creation that can rival God’s creation as the natural owner of this highway


  • Beth

    Wasn’t there a woman in Europe who wrote a book about the relationship foods have with the human body? I would really like to get it if so.

  • yanti

    I do not know about the books you mean, but I have some books, magazines and information from various sources about healthy foods

  • If you ever want to read a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I have to go to that damn google to find the missed parts. Thank you, anyway!


  • Great post! Walnuts looked like our brain too and its good in improving our memory and brain power.

  • Lavina Rodriguez

    Awesome!!!! Currently in nursing school, so I forwarded it to all my classmates. How amazing this is…

  • Mowahed

    wich Vegetables increase sperm motility
    also wich fruits increase sperm motility
    please guid or give me complate information.

  • yanti

    There are a lot of fruits and vegetables can improve sperm, and some of them are raw sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, potatoes, pawpaw, apricots, fig, peaches, and lettuce

  • We conduct Food Signature Workshops based on this in UAE !

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    very nice & very useful thank u

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    thank u very nice topic

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