Vegetable Yogurt Dip

Vegetable Yogurt Dip Sauce Recipe

By Yanti


Vegetable Eating Dip

Vegetables, although known to have good benefits for human health but still some people who do not like to be eating-glazed vegetables, both children and adults some of whom do not like vegetables, and if you are experiencing the same thing where you have family members who do not like vegetables so one way that they want to eat vegetables by making a beautiful appearance of the vegetables and making vegetable recipe is good to eat and one of them is making vegetable yogurt dip, this recipe uses several vegetables and yogurt as dip sauce, and for detail information is as follows

 Ingredients for Vegetables
– 100 grams of peas
– 100 grams of vegetable carrot
Р100 grams of sweet corn  seed
– 100 grams cucumbers
– 100 grams of onion
– 50 grams of fried cashews

Ingredients for dip sauce
– 100 grams plain yoghurt
– 1 tablespoon lemon juice
– 60 grams of mayonnaise
– 1 tablespoon honey

How to make it

For vegetables
Carrots diced and boiled
– Boiled sweet corn seed
– Cucumbers cut in small squares
Onions skin is removed and roughly chopped
– Roughly crushed cashews
– All the ingredients except cashews mixed into one and cooled in the refrigerator

For the dip sauce:
Combine all ingredients are yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, and honey together and mix well, and then input into the refrigerator to cool down

Take cold vegetables and sauce, and then place the vegetables into a place that has been arranged with attractive appearance, and then pour the sauce has cooled, and also pour cashew on the vegetables, and the vegetable yoghurt dip ready to eat together.

Vegetable yogurt dip can also be presented at the time you throw a party, because at a party, not all people who love to eat meat and there may be vegetarian people who only eat vegetarian food in the party, and because it provides a vegetarian menu as one additional menu for vegetarians is a prudent step that you can do to for anyone who likes vegetables including vegetarian people, in addition vegetables and yogurts are healthy food which are good to increase body health including to you and your family.

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