Vegetable Fruit Smoothie

Homemade Vegetable Fruit Smoothie

By Yanti


Vegetable Fruit Smoothies

Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods that contain lots of good nutrition for the human body, and although many fruits contain nutrients but especially vegetable still there are people who do not like the taste with any kind reasons such bad taste, no taste, and so on, and to solve the problem so you can try to make different form of vegetable or fruit, and one of them to make vegetable fruit smoothie.

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber and antioxidant substances that are good for your health because of high fiber content in fruits and vegetables can help your body stay healthy and also facilitate the metabolic system in body to work better so the disposal of digestion can be more easily out of the body, and also free radicals can be neutralized in the body that helps increase the body’s immune to various types of diseases.

Vegetable fruit smoothies are now widely sold in the market, but actually if you have time to make homemade vegetable fruit smoothie, it is better, as cleanliness in the process of making vegetable fruit smoothie can be properly addressed, and in addition you can choose the type of fruit and vegetables wish you and your family want to eat and also to choose nutrients that you want to get for the body.

Making fruit  and vegetable smoothies in addition to helping to increase the body’s health can also increase better relations among members of the family, and even to make vegetable fruit smoothie together could affect your son or daughter  to eat fruit and vegetables on a regular basis, because in general children will be more excited to eat or drink foods that they choose and make their own, and is expected to get the children to eat fruit and vegetables from an early age, this can affect the taste to keep it regularly eat vegetable and fruit directly or drink in the form include in the form of vegetable and fruit smoothies.

To add to the flavor of homemade vegetable fruit smoothie so you can use honey, yoghurt, dark chocolate, or other healthy foods that combine with your home vegetable fruit smoothie, and then you can order in glass with decorative fruits such as orange slices, strawberry, pineapple, or other healthy foods so your vegetable fruit smoothie looks interesting to watch and drink.

Vegetable fruit smoothie recipes you can easily get both offline and online both paid or free, can be found easily and quickly and you are able to combine several  fruit vegetable smoothie recipes with your own creations, so you’re really get vegetable fruit smoothie appropriate with your wishes both in taste and health benefits for the body.

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