Tinospora Crispa

Tinospora Crispa Benefits

By Yanti

tinospora crispa

Tinospora Crispa

Tinospora crispa or tinospora rumphii, Linn and brotowali menispermum crispum is plant which grows wild in the woods, fields, home page which includes family menispermacea. Tinospora crispa is widely used in Asia such as India, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, China, and so on as one of the medicinal plants to treat various types of diseases.

Tinospora crispa also has many different names such as shen jin teng (China), antawali, andawali, bratawali, putrawali, daun gade (Indonesia), boraphet, kab hoi yai wan (Thailand), kattukkodi (Tamil), makabühai (Tagalog), dagadi (Malayalam), vasanvel (Kannada), faridbel (Marathi), and others.

Brotowali is shrubs that like the hot or warm spot, and can grow to climb to 2, 5m. Tinospora crispa has a trunk of her little finger with a pimple, and tastes bitter if eaten, while the leaf is a single leaf brotowali have stalks, and roundish or like a heart with a width of about 5 to 10 cm, and a length of about 7 to 12 cm.

Tinospora crispa chemical compounds

In the tinospora crispa contain various antioxidant compounds, anti-allergy, and anti viral good for human health, and because it is not surprising that this plant has long been used as medicinal herbs, and compounds of Tinospora crispa include flavonoids, alkaloids, glucoside, picroretine, berberine, amorphous, resinous, soft resin, and palmatin.

Tinospora crispa benefits

Leaves, stems, and roots of tinospora crispa that could be used for the treatment of various types of diseases such as diabetes, fever, eye pain, cholera, rheumatism, snake bites, wounds of the sick with syphilis, internal inflammation, relieve thirst, increased appetite, diabetes, bruises, and so forth. And below are some ways to use tinospora crispa plant for several diseases, namely:

– Fever

How to take 2 fingers tinospora crispa stems and later cleaned, cut and boiled with 2 cups water to 1 cup of water. Then cooled and filtered water and divided for the usage of 2 drinks a day to use honey to taste.

– Rheumatic

Take a finger rod brotowali then washed, cut, and boiled in 3 cups of water down to 1.5 cups of water / water and then cooled, filtered, and divided into 3 sections to be taken 3 times a day with honey.

– Diabetes

Take 1/3 hand-held of  orthosiphon aristatus leaves, 1/3 hand-held bitter leaf, stem and ¾ finger of brotowali then cleaned,  and then cut into pieces. After that all ingredients are mixed and boiled into 3 cups of water to 2 cups of water. The water is then cooled, filtered, and divided into two sections to be taken 2 times daily after meals.

– Injured

Take some tinospora crispa leaves then ground until smooth, and then placed on the injured place, do this 2 times a day until cured, whereas for boiled water to clean the wound using the stem of tinospora crispa.

– Scabies

You do this by taking three fingers of tinospora crispa stems, mixed with sulfur for hazelnuts that have been washed until finely ground. Then the mixture is mixed with coconut oil and then placed on the body are exposed to scabies. Do it 2 times a day.

If you like to do healthy life style by using the nature medicine to treat one of the diseases that you have as above, so you can try to use tinospora crispa as medicine for your disease.




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