Strawberry Juice Recipe

Strawberry Juice Recipe for Healthy Body

By Yanti

strawberry juice recipe

Strawberry Juice Recipe

Strawberry fruit is a red fruit that contains various nutrients such as vitamins A, C, calcium, phosphorus, and so, this fruit is  good for the health of the human body such as an antioxidant agent, controlling high blood pressure, bone formation, maintain healthy skin, producing red blood cells and so on, and with several  kinds of benefits to be gained from consuming the strawberry fruit  on a regular basis is a good thing to do. Strawberry fruit is one of the fruits are widely consumed by people either eaten fresh or eaten in other forms after the first processed like strawberry cake, strawberry ice cream, jams strawberry, and strawberry juice, and below are two pieces of strawberry juice recipe that may be useful for those of you who want to consume in the  juice of strawberry.

Mix Strawberry Juice
The benefits of this juice strawberry mix to help keep the brain working properly, prevent mouth and throat infections, and to increase endurance.

Materials needed:
– 1 medium-size star fruit
– 1 medium apple
– 50 grams of strawberry
– 3 tablespoons lemon juice
– 5 tablespoons of honey
–  Some ice

How to Make
– Wash star fruit, and then dispose of the fiber and then cut into pieces
– Wash apples, and then removed seeded, and cut into pieces
– Wash strawberry until clean
– Combine all ingredients into blender machine to blend until smooth
– Transfer the mix into a glass of strawberry juice and decorated according to taste before drinking

Apple strawberry juice
Strawberry apple juice is beneficial for the body to aid in digestion work better.

Materials needed:
– 250 grams of strawberry fruit
– 250 grams of blueberries
– 250 grams of apple
– 600 ml juice without preservatives substance
– 400 ml pain yoghurt
– A number of ice

How to make:
– Wash the strawberries thoroughly
– Clean and wash blueberries
– Clean the apples, cored apple and cut apple into small pieces
– Combine all ingredients into blender machine, and then blended until smooth
– Strawberry apple juice move into a glass that had been prepared for drinking.

Strawberry juice recipes above are some of the many healthy juice you can make at home easily and quickly, and you are able to make your own strawberry juice recipe according to the recipe that you want to make it by mixing fruit juice with several other fruit or vegetables that you like, and by making and drinking strawberry juice or other types of healthy juice, so it helps you to have a greater healthy body, fresh,  and stronger and more resistant to various diseases.



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