Health Benefits of  Soursop

By Yanti



Annona muricata or soursop originating from tropical  Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America and sub-Saharan African countries, fruit soursop now have spread and grown in many countries, including some areas in southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam

Soursop fruit skin is green and covered with a cone-shaped seed.  The color of  fruit soursop meat is white,  and meat will feel soft when ripe with sweet and sour and tasty enough to be eaten directly or made of soursop juice. Soursop fruit seeds are small and in between the meat soursop fruit with glossy black color.

Soursop fruit nutrient
Soursop fruit is contained within various types of nutrients beneficial to human health where this fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C, B1, and B12. Soursop fruit is rich in carbohydrates, particularly fructose.

Health benefits of soursop
Soursop fruit, leaves and seeds are useful as a natural remedy to treat a variety of diseases, and in communities where traditional indigenous fruit grown soursop plant also use as an herbal remedy to treat various types of diseases and which are as follows


Soursop Leaves

1. Cancer
To prevent cancer is to eat fruit or drink soursop juice on a regular basis, to treat cancer while it is able to utilize the leaves because the leaves of soursop fruit is believed to be useful as a natural chemotherapy drug for cancer patients, even more remarkable because  soursop leaves only kill cells that grow abnormally and allow cells to grow normally and the patient do not experience negative effects experienced with chemotherapy treatments such as hair loss and nausea. While the addition of chemotherapy to kill abnormal cells can also give effect to kill also some normal cells are exposed to radiation and chemotherapy in addition to the usual patient will experience hair loss and nausea

How to treatment using soursop leaf is to take old soursop leaves as many as 10 pieces and then boiled with three glasses of water to stay a glass of water, then drink boiling water twice a day each a glass and do it continuously on a regular basis, and drink this potion for the body feels warm like effect of chemotherapy and in two weeks will be visible effect against cancer in the body and to know the exact results in better medical check.

2. Ambient.
Pick the ripe fruit soursop and then extorted to be taken as a glass of water, then drink two times a day, every morning and evening

3. Lumbago
Take 20 sheets of soursop leaves and then boiled with 5 cups water to boiling until there remained 3 glasses and then drink each day as much as ¾ cup

4. Ulcer
Take young soursop leaf to taste and finely mashed with added ½ teaspoon of water, then stir until smooth and pinned in place Boils

5. Pain in the bladder urine.
Take half-ripe soursop fruit and mix it with sugar and salt to taste to the fruit compote is made by cooking soursop fruit mixed with sugar and salt, then spent a week in a row regularly eaten every day

6. Others
Soursop plant is also believed to cure various kinds of other diseases such as heart disease, catarrh, gallbladder problems, leprosy, cough, diarrhea, fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and indigestion


  • Gary

    I have Pancreatic cancer and I heard so much about sour sop fruit ,just wondering how often do I need to eat the fruit I just started eating the sour sop fruit is half a fruit good enough each day and just wondering where you can buy the the guyavano leaves or sour sop leaves I think it is the same thing and use it for tea .and information and help would be greatly appreciated,I have found the fruit ,just need to know where to get the leaves

  • yanti

    Hi Gary,

    Hope you are getting well, and try to look for at Asian supermarket close your house, usually they sell soursop fruit, or you can ask to them about soursop leaves

  • jaime

    Can you buy this fruit or juice in ontario,canada?

  • Mau

    @bvde: this is my email: It is not that I don’t believe your story but I just want to know more about that doctor who survived using eastern medicine.

  • The usefulness of the soursop leaves :
    1. Killing cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells in tubuh
    2. Attacking the cancer cell safely and effectively, without feeling of nausea, the weight descendence , hair fell like that happened in kemotherapy
    3. Protecting the system of body immunity and preventing from the infection
    4. Effectively chosing the target and killing bad cells from 12 types of different cancer, The large intestine, breasts, the prostate, the lungs, the pancreas, serviks, and leukimia
    5. slowing down the growth of the cancer cell, his efficiency 10,000 times were stronger compared to andriamycin and therapy kemo that was normal use
    6. Increasing body immunity and preventing acid
    7. Helping the process of recuperation.
    8. Anti tumour or cancer that is really strong

  • deepa sharma

    hi i m from jaipur and want to know about the dr who survived after taking soursoap fruit kindly give me his emil id . my aunt is having breast cancer and i want to save her life !!!

  • bernard

    I’ve just been told I cannot have any more chemo for my lung cancer so I am very keen to get a supplier of sour sop fruit in England. I’ve tried Asian supermarkets and had no luck. Any information will be a life saver. Many thanks.

  • yanti

    You try to buy soursop in amazon, there are some soursop offering include soursop leaves in amazon, hope you will get better

  • San'ah A Abdat

    In Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia there are plantation of Sour sop. At the moment the fruits are not in season. But some people has preserve. Have you heard of Sabah snake grass. Can be found in Malaysia and Singapore.

    Hope you recover soon.

    Another Alternative
    therapy is using the PRODUCT CIEAURA. Its has accupunture and chakra theory. No Harm


  • natty

    Hi all, i am indonesian but i am studying in singapore. my mom every day she cook this tea for me to drink, it’s really good for our health, and her frenx that have several disease also consuming this… it’s really nice to drink, and good for our health. in indonesia my house here have lots of it also… just take the leaves will do and boil it :) hope all of u recover soon 😀


  • rjd

    Hi..I have a lot of trees planted in our backyard in Philippines..Is anyone interested to buy? I can sell you in a low price..In a regular basis..Just email me

  • Mahzabeen

    How can i get it in Richardson, Texas, USA for my mom.. she is cancer patient.

  • yanti


    You can go to China Supermarket, or buy online by visiting the website that sell soursop such amazon, hope it helps your mom.

  • yanti

    You can but in Asian market, or buy online

  • zoran todorovic

    Please sent me any info You can on stage 4 cancer treatments possible and proven to be effective .
    Thank You

    Ps. very interested in what You have to offer .

  • amit

    I am from India. I learnt that one of the Annona family fruit also known as Hanuman Phal in India is also useful for cancer treatment. Could you throw some light on this?

  • surendra

    Hi Im started using this for my father, let hope for good.

    Its available in India (hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai Delho too)


  • Simone

    I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2 weeks agao and about to have my first surgery in a few days. I’ve been drinking the juice for a while and I’ve been reading a lot about it. I can buy the juice at the local supermarket in the ethnic aisle, it’s made by Goya and the spanish name for it is “Guanabana”. I’m keeping my hopes up…

  • Lobbajl

    Hi all! Everyone is always out to make a buck! For those wanting soursop leaves, I have dry leaves. I refuse to charge for something that is God given. The only cost associated will be shipping. Let me know.

  • Ruth

    HI everyone! i have sour sop tree in the backyard just want to ask if drying the leaves would still be effective?or the fresh leaves are still better..i have the heart to share the God given fruit tree for free to those needing it..only i have to dry it for easy shipping.

  • Linda Hewyard

    Hi I live in New Soth Wales in Australia an my husband has liver cancer and just waiting to find out where i can buy theses leves /fruit or supplements.

    Thank You

  • barbara

    lobbaj could you please send me some leaves my husband has throat cancer and tell me how much money to send u

  • John

    You can order the plants cheap off Ebay. I just bought one. Granted a lot of folks here want the fruit and leaves right away but for you that are here researching fruits check them out. I think I paid a total of $12 USd for my plant.

  • hamiyet

    Please,help me
    I have many patients around and want to get soursop leaves.
    WHERE can I find it?
    Im in TURKEY.

  • Tess

    I like how number 6 says diarrhea multiple times.
    I know what was on the authors mind when writing this… LOL

  • Adam

    Please let me know when I can order and how much I can recieve at a time. I would rather use this than any other treatment. Thank you. God Bless!

  • Jean

    Lobbaijl How do I get in contact with you to order the leaves, please. God bless you!

  • M. Olga

    For the person in Texas you can go to a Latin or Hispanic store and look for product GOYA and get the Guanabana pulp Spanish for Soursop

  • Debbie

    I just found out that I have a tumor in my bladder. It’s quite a shock and I am very scared. I have tried researching info on this fruit that sounds too good to be true. Let me know what it will cost for shipping the leaves. I also need instruction on how much and how to do it in order for it to be beneficial. Thank you and God bless.

  • R Gupta

    Hi, My mother is suffering from ovarian cancer which is spreading now after 3 failed treatments (6-monthly) of chemotherapy in last 3 years. Please help, i need this fruit and leaves ASAP. Email me with Subject “Soursop”. I am willing to pay anything…please please please help.

  • Ray

    I have heard that soursop helps with asthma, how and what part of the plant, leaves or fruit?

  • Chas

    I have reciently purchased this in pill form. Is that as effective as leaves or the fruit itself?

  • nancy rogers

    I have just had surgery for breast cancer and would like to get some soursop leaves. Please reply. Thank you

  • yanti

    Hi Nancy, hope you get well soon, and you can buy it in Asian market, such as Chinese supermarket in your town

  • donna

    where us the nearest store to buy sour sop fruit or leaves near Livingston, Texas 77351 I would settle for leaves for making a tea even if I cannot get the fruit for my brother he was told he has lung cancer I am a sister that would like to keep her brother around for a long time because he is the my younger brother and the best thing to me. So if there is sour sop close I am not asking I am begging for some in a hurry. I do know that God put this plant on this earth for the good of His children thank you and God bless you all that have been helped with the sour sop. so thank you again for the nearest location for the Sour Sop

  • yanti

    Hi Donna,

    Try to go to Asian market nearest from your town, hope you can get it

  • yanti

    Hi Gupta,

    Sorry for late reply, you can try to buy it in Asian mini market nearest your town, hope you get it

  • yanti

    Usually in traditional market, we can get this leaves

  • yanti

    Hi Linda,

    Try to look for in Asian market nearest your location, hope you get it

  • guyabano is one of the most delicious fruit,and can be found anywhere in the philippines and can be planted anywhere in the eaten when the philippines we used that fruit to deworming rhe children.simply by eatihg the ripe less than one hour or one day,the worms will get out from the stomach of the child after discharging in the toilet.

  • june

    Sour Sop Tree is a common tree on the island. Most persons who live in Jamaica have a tree growing in their backyard

  • mrs gloria Ajiri

    This is a good one concerning the soup sop fruits and leaf. Well you can contact me for your leaf on my email. Tell me the guantity and your address.

  • lorrain

    Iwood liketo get the leaves for my friend that have cancer.Ihave a lots of the juice,Iwould love to have the leaves, THANK YOU.

  • promise nwokoma

    Hi,please I have much good news concerning sour shop leave and fruit,I was recently diagnosi of hepatitis B,my question is can I take it also as a medicine. Thanks,hoping to hear from you soon

  • This is interesting. I recommend Markizza Soursop juice on Amazon. The taste is just perfect.

  • Manor


    Your article is very informative.Please, reconfirm it is Ambient or ambivalence.I can,t find the Ambient in my Medical handbook.

    We have allot in Malaysia at a reasonable price. (i.e: Sour Sop Fruit price of 3 pound sterling / kilo ). If required, dp please contact me – my Email:

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