Health Benefits of  Soursop

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Annona muricata or soursop originating from tropical  Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America and sub-Saharan African countries, fruit soursop now have spread and grown in many countries, including some areas in southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam

Soursop fruit skin is green and covered with a cone-shaped seed.  The color of  fruit soursop meat is white,  and meat will feel soft when ripe with sweet and sour and tasty enough to be eaten directly or made of soursop juice. Soursop fruit seeds are small and in between the meat soursop fruit with glossy black color.

Soursop fruit nutrient
Soursop fruit is contained within various types of nutrients beneficial to human health where this fruit contains large amounts of vitamin C, B1, and B12. Soursop fruit is rich in carbohydrates, particularly fructose.

Health benefits of soursop
Soursop fruit, leaves and seeds are useful as a natural remedy to treat a variety of diseases, and in communities where traditional indigenous fruit grown soursop plant also use as an herbal remedy to treat various types of diseases and which are as follows


Soursop Leaves

1. Cancer
To prevent cancer is to eat fruit or drink soursop juice on a regular basis, to treat cancer while it is able to utilize the leaves because the leaves of soursop fruit is believed to be useful as a natural chemotherapy drug for cancer patients, even more remarkable because  soursop leaves only kill cells that grow abnormally and allow cells to grow normally and the patient do not experience negative effects experienced with chemotherapy treatments such as hair loss and nausea. While the addition of chemotherapy to kill abnormal cells can also give effect to kill also some normal cells are exposed to radiation and chemotherapy in addition to the usual patient will experience hair loss and nausea

How to treatment using soursop leaf is to take old soursop leaves as many as 10 pieces and then boiled with three glasses of water to stay a glass of water, then drink boiling water twice a day each a glass and do it continuously on a regular basis, and drink this potion for the body feels warm like effect of chemotherapy and in two weeks will be visible effect against cancer in the body and to know the exact results in better medical check.

2. Ambient.
Pick the ripe fruit soursop and then extorted to be taken as a glass of water, then drink two times a day, every morning and evening

3. Lumbago
Take 20 sheets of soursop leaves and then boiled with 5 cups water to boiling until there remained 3 glasses and then drink each day as much as ¾ cup

4. Ulcer
Take young soursop leaf to taste and finely mashed with added ½ teaspoon of water, then stir until smooth and pinned in place Boils

5. Pain in the bladder urine.
Take half-ripe soursop fruit and mix it with sugar and salt to taste to the fruit compote is made by cooking soursop fruit mixed with sugar and salt, then spent a week in a row regularly eaten every day

6. Others
Soursop plant is also believed to cure various kinds of other diseases such as heart disease, catarrh, gallbladder problems, leprosy, cough, diarrhea, fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and indigestion


  • veronica

    My dad was diagnosed with stage3 colon cancer December 27, February(no chemo)he did a ct scan and he was cancer free but the doctor insist of giving him chemo for 6months..i said hell no he is cancerfree..i am going to continue giving him soursoup and baking soda and molasses.please everyone I beg you to try it…it worked..i am so happy you won’t regret it…also please put god first and have strong faith..that’s the most important..thank you

  • My brother has aggressive prostate cancer and will have it removed along with lymph nodes in a week. He was told about these leaves from the sour sop and has been making tea with them. I told him to stop taking it before surgery in case it’s a blood thinner which I read this online. He has no problem finding leaves or fruit since most Asian markets have the fruit but you can get anything online too. The problem is that I read that it can also give you Parkinson’s disease. I want to know what other side effects this plant has please. We heard it has cured cancer but there are no human trials or test or anything to prove this is true.

  • Ervin

    For those who are interested in soursop tea, we have recently produced a ready to drink soursop tea mixed with coconut sugar. Just add hot water and you can have a very relaxing drink. We have granulated and powdered tea.

  • marla shumate

    stage 2 head and neck cancer, how can i get soursop leaves? thank you

  • yanti

    you can buy at Chinese market inn your town

  • yanti

    At Chinese market

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