Papaya Juice

How to Make Papaya Juice and Benefits

By Yanti

papaya juicePapaya juice is made from papaya fruit which is a tropical fruit that grows and has many benefits for human health because of the various nutrients contained in fruit of papaya. While the antibiotic content in the young papaya fruit can be utilized to treat diseases without side effects.

Ripe papaya fruit has a soft meat, and good taste to eat after peeling papaya fruit skin and seeds removed and then cut to be small form the flesh of the papaya fruit. Another way to consume fruit papaya in other forms such as making fruit salad with mix papaya fruit with other fruits and vegetables, or make papaya pudding, ice papaya, and papaya juice.

Health Benefits of Papaya

papaya health benefitsThere are many health benefits of papaya fruit such to facilitate the digestive tract, as an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals in human body, as an anti-cancer drug, dietary fiber that aids clearing the stool removed easily from the body, as a remedy to eliminate parasitic worms from the body, and papaya may as well be utilized as a conditioner for your hair.

Papaya juice is delicious to drink but also provide a healthful for the body-effect such as maintaining the stamina to stay healthy, help speed the recovery process of the sick, helping the baby’s growth goes up by mixing papaya juice with milk, maintain healthy skin, and helps to skin becomes smooth, and therefore more and more salons are utilizing as cream or papaya juice mixture in treating the body scrub.

Papaya leaves can also be consumed both in fresh condition as salad or cooking as vegetable and then eat with rice or other foods. Papaya leaves can also be used to treat malaria by making tea from papaya leaves, and leaf papaya is useful also for the range of diseases such as abdominal pain on period, worming, constipation, dysentery, kidney stones, and get rid of pimples.

How to make papaya juice

It’s easy to make papaya juice, which is just mixing the papaya fruit that has been cut by a number of ice cubes and then inserted into the machine juicer to make papaya juice, and to get a sense of different, unique and better nutrition so you can mix papaya fruit with other fruits and one of the recipes make papaya juice combined with other fruit is as follows:


– 100 grams of papaya fruit

– 100 gram pineapple fruit

– 100 gram apples fruit

– 2 tablespoons lime juice

– 2 tablespoons honey

– Ice cubes to taste

How to make:

All materials have been prepared include honey and ice put into the machine juice to blender, and then enter the juices that are mixed and blended into the glass to be ready to drink.

Papaya juice helps you to relieve thirst, and keep your body to stay healthy and protected from various diseases.

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