Nutrients Foods

The Truth of Nutrients Foods

By Yanti

Nutrients Foods

Nutrients Foods

Most people realize that the foods they eat will contribute to a body, if it is consumed continuously is the kind of unhealthy foods like junk food then the food will give bad effect on the body where the body will become unhealthy and susceptible to disease, and vice versa if it has healthy habits with healthy food will make their body become healthier as well, and even nutrients foods consumed regularly and continuously exposed to will help prevent the body from various kinds of diseases, reduce premature aging, helping to live longer,  and better quality

Although many people already know the benefits of nutrition foods on the body, but often consume healthy foods on a regular basis can not be done because of constant busyness and lack of time in preparing food may make people a choice on the kind of unhealthy foods, or foods supplements and multivitamin tablets as a replacement component of nutrients foods that are in the healthy food.

Consuming supplements may help to gain a healthier body, but according to nutrition experts that the nutrients foods originating from different types of healthy foods is better for the human body than when consuming different types of supplement pills, and the American Dietetic Association also has updated the guidance on Nutritional supplementation and now emphasizes that eating a variety of nutrient-rich foods is the best way to get nutrients and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Nutrients foods are better than supplements because the foods are complex which can interact better in the body and in addition also a lot of healthy foods contain fiber that is not contained in multivitamin supplements, although the experts admit too often fill the shortage of nutrition supplement that should be consumed through healthy food by the people who need it, especially for women who are pregnant and people who are old, but keep eating healthy food in naturally, is better.

It’s ideal to do is keeping the variety of healthy foods to get the best nutrition foods naturally, and also consume a certain supplement that contains nutrients that should be consumed by someone related to their health condition, but if it turns out nutrients foods from natural food is sufficient then they no longer need to consume these supplements.

It is necessary also to remember that the excessive or deficiency of nutrients foods in the body would threaten the health from the people so that they can fall sick and of course something like this should be avoided, so healthy nutrients consumed regularly in sufficient amounts is one of the keys that help one’s health in order to have a healthier body, more powerful and live longer.

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