Noni Juice Benefits

Noni Juice Benefits for Human Health and Ways to Make It

By Yanti

noni juice benefitsNoni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) is a fruit that has a bad odor in which the older the smell of noni fruit is getting stung so many people who do not like it especially with its appearance is weird and not as nice as other fruits such as grapes, mangoes, apples and so on, but behind the ugly appearance there were many benefits that can be obtained from the fruit is caused by a variety of nutrients contained in the noni fruit, and if you want to eat the noni fruit, then you can process the noni fruit in the form of juice by yourself or buy noni juice because noni juice is now widely sold in the market, and it is easy to get it because the more people who know the noni juice benefits, and Tahitian noni juice is one of the noni juice which provide benefits for the body to stay healthy and strong.

Noni fruit is oval, small with a size of about 4 cm to 7 cm and has a soft skin and a shiny green color changes to yellow and then white when fully ripe, there are small spots such as pineapple peel on the skin surface of noni fruit, and the smell of fruit noni is derived from capric acid compounds, and caproic acid present in the noni fruit.

Noni fruit is now grown in many tropical countries, and the fruit  has a lot of different nicknames, among others, Indian mulberry, morinda great, nunaakai (India, Tamil Nadu), mengkudu (Indonesia, Malaysia), pace (Java), Kumudu (Bali), dog dumpling (Barbados), apatot (Philippines), noni (Hawaiian), cheese fruit, and beach mulberry.

Noni fruit nutrition

There are a number of nutrients of noni fruit, and some of noni fruit nutrition are as follows Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Protein, Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Copper, and Zinc.

Noni juice benefits

Nutrition in noni provide the several noni juice benefits for human health, and some of them  are as following:

1. Terpenoid substances in mengkudu fruit is useful for rejuvenation and recovery of cells, so consume noni juice helps keep the body young.

2.  Scopoletin content in noni fruit provide benefits of face juice to stop the inflammation experienced by a person

3. Proxeronine content in pace fruit is useful to improve  xeronine levels in body so that cells in body can work well and helps the body to not get easy hit by disease.

4. The content of damnachantal compounds in the noni fruit  is beneficial to minimize the body of cancer disease.

5. The content of antioxidant compounds from noni fruit provides noni juice benefits that help to counteract the free radicals, so it will help to boost immunity of body from various diseases

6. Consuming regularly of noni juice also give benefits of noni juice to reduce the abnormal cells  formation in body so that noni juice consumption will help to minimize body from any kind diseases such prevent abnormal growth of the lung in smokers and so

7. Other noni juice benefits are to control the pressure of blood vessels, control sugar levels in the blood, maintain cardiovascular health, treat the problem in the throat, breathing, fever, constipation, etc.

Make noni juice

Noni Juice may be purchased in the market, and it can also create your own using some of the noni fruit and the way is as follows:


5 ripe noni fruit, 1 liter of water, 10 spoons eat of honey, lemon fruit 3 pieces which are then squeezed to take lemon juice, some ice cubes.

The ways to make it

– Boil water and then put mengkudu fruit into water and boil until soft, then noni fruit is removed and cooled

– Noni Fruit inserted into the blender, crushed, and then filtered

– Juice mengkudu fruit mixed with honey, lemon juice, and ice

– Mengkudu juice that has been mixed then is inserted into the glass and are presented for ready to drink. The Noni fruit juice is enough for 3 people.

For those of you who have the noni tree and had never used it, then make your own noni juice is a good thing to do because the price is much cheaper, and also you will get the noni juice benefits for yourself, and your family to have a body that is healthier, stronger, and fresh, but noted to remember that never drink noni juice which mix with alcohol drink, coffee or tea, because it will make problem to the body.

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