Mushroom Nutritional Benefits

Mushroom Nutritional Benefits for Healthy Body

By Yanti

mushroom nutritional benefits

Mushroom Nutritional Benefits

Mushroom is heterotrofs plant that require organic compounds taken from the surroundings. Many types of mushrooms or fungus grow well in the wild jungle or grow that has been cultivated by people for consumption. There are types of mushrooms that have toxic and usually this kind of wild and harm the body if consumed, and there are also several types of fungi that contain nutrients which if eaten regularly then able to provide mushroom nutritional benefits for healthy body.

Mushrooms are plants that lack chlorophyll and its body consists of threads called hyphae which through these fungal hyphae absorb organic substances to obtain food. There are several kinds of mushrooms color depending on its type, and white is the color of the most common fungi, other fungal color is black, brown, purple-brown, cream, gray, pink, and yellow.

Fungi perform live symbiosis mutualism where a mutually beneficial way of life for both sides, because the fungus lives by absorbing food from other organisms, and fungi also produce certain substances that are member benefits for its symbiosis e.g by plant roots, or on tree trunks and so on.

In general, fungi living on land above the ground or over several different organisms, but there are also fungi that live in symbiosis with the water and aquatic organisms. Fungi that live on water usually are parasitic or saprophyte. And There are many types of fungi that exist and grow around us, and some types of fungi are well known and widely consumed because it tastes delicious, or also because the content of the nutrients found in mushrooms thus providing benefits for the human body are oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, mussels mushroom,  ear mushroom, champignon, and others.

Mushroom Nutritional Benefits

Because the flavors are delicious and content many nutrients in some types of fungus, it is no surprise that more and more people who consume mushrooms, especially for vegetarians who do not eat meat it is seen as more supermarket or grocery that sells mushrooms, and also now more easily to find a restaurant or eating place that sells mushroom if we compare with a few years ago. And for vegetarian people, mushroom could be an alternative as a meal substitute for meat, because with good processing mushrooms can replace the sense of taste is derived from meat. And now the world’s biggest manufacturers in producing mushroom is China.

The mushroom that can be consumed, usually contain some of the nutrients that provide mushrooms nutritional benefits for the human body, and the content of the nutrients found in mushrooms, among others are Carbohydrate, Fat, Protein, Vitamin B complex, C, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and, Zinc.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

There are several ways in the use of mushrooms, some are consumed raw, cooked, mixed with other foods, snack mushrooms, used as decoration, as a medicine, and so on. And below are some health benefits of mushrooms for human body.

– Psychoactive mushrooms have acted a function in a variety of traditional medicine in many countries around the world. This fungus has also been used as a sacrament in rituals aimed at healing the mental and physical, and to help visionary states.

– The nature of psychedelic mushroom, psilocybin mushroom which is used to facilitate deep insight and change the life that is frequently described as mystic experiences. Late scientific papers have supported this, as well as long-term effects such as induced spiritual experience.

– Substance of certain psychedelic mushrooms psilocybin in Psilocybe cubensis as mushroom nutritional beneficial which is expected to help people who suffer from psychological disorder. And reportedly could also terminate migraine headaches, and  cluster.

– Mushrooms are fungi or extract drugs from fungi that are used as a remedy for several diseases. Some fungal material, including glycoproteins, polysaccharides, and proteoglycans, modulate the immune system response and inhibits tumor growth.

– Some of the isolates from medicinal mushrooms that have been described as having the ability as a nutritional mushroom beneficial as an antibacterial, anti viral, anti-parasitic, anti diabetes, anti-inflammatory, and cardiovascular. Some mushroom extract is now used widely in China, Korea, and Japan in addition to radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

– From studies have shown that glucan-containing extracts of fungi, especially that alter the function of innate and adaptive resistant system is beneficial as bio-response modulators, and also capable of killing viruses, bacteria, or cancer cells in the body.

– High water content in the mushrooms with the content of calories, sodium, low fat and fiber contained therein made of mushrooms as a food which is ideal for people who are doing the diet program to lose weight and also people who are controlling hypertension.

– Content of potassium in the fungus as mushroom nutritional benefits for lowering blood pressure and reduces stroke risk. While copper is mushroom nutritional benefit to protect the heart.

– Other mushroom nutritional benefits as antioxidant for the body because mushrooms contain a variety of natural antioxidant substances such as vitamin E, selenium, niacin, and riboflavin that help to protect body cells from damage caused by free radicals so that the mushrooms can help boost the body’s immune from a variety of diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and heart disease.

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