Motivation to Lose Weight

How to Increase Motivation to Lose Weight

By Yanti


Motivation to Lose Weight

There are several reasons why people have the motivation to lose weight and some of them are to have better health, to make it look more attractive, easy to walk, and so on, and is a very natural that people want to look good and be healthy for the body of an attractive and healthy then become more self-confidence increases and also increase the desire to perform various activities in one’s life. Likewise with a healthy body then there are many events and activities that can be done so that life was more colorful and more productive in helping to run the daily life.

There are also motivation to lose weight to look attractive in front of special person such a husband, wife or lover so they are to be a loyal person and do not look at to other that have a beautiful body, and there are also people who want to lose weight because doctors were told where the excess weight has caused a variety of diseases that can harm the body such as heart disease, diabetes, or other diseases related to body weight.

Although there are many reasons why people are motivated to lose weight, but there are also some people who  have motivation to lose weight at the beginning but stop after doing half way the program to lose weight with variety reasons as well as lazy, do not have time , busy with other jobs which are considered more important, and of course it is actually self-defeating because the outcome is also not maximal and body weight will increase again as before, and to avoid  the problems  so This will require a sense of discipline and a high commitment to achieve the goal to lose weight.

To lose weight required a good combination of  healthy food during the healthy diet program and also do regular exercise, and you need to avoid all kinds of junk foods and bad beverages consumed as long as possible, because  your effort will be wasted if the bad food and beverage waste  continuously consumed during the diet program lasts, because on one hand you are trying to rid the body of all sorts of toxins in the body, but on the other hand you will be entering a new toxins into the body through a variety of unhealthy foods and beverages, and consequently the weight body still does not go down, and the disease is also still comes over your body.

Motivation to lose weight will not happen if you are not in action, because the dream will remain a dream as long as you are not doing anything, and you can increase your motivation to lose weight by giving reward yourself if you managed to get program, and instead you will give punishment yourself if you fail to measure in a cool targets.

Another way to increase the motivation to lose weight is by working to lose weight with family or friends who are experiencing the same problem with you, because with other person then you have a friend to do the exercises together, and you can remind each other if you make a mistake and doing exercises, and another way to use or hire a personal trainer specifically to help you to lose weight even though the cost is more expensive than the train itself but personal trainer will help you to do the exercises correctly and eat the right healthy meals that is suitable for your body condition in order to get an ideal and healthy body to which you want.


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