Kefir Health Benefits

Explanation of Kefir Health Benefits

By Yanti

kefir health benefits

Kefir Health Benefits

Word Kefir originated from the Turkish word is keif which means good feeling; kefir is also called as keefir, kewra, kephir, kefirs, milkkefir, talai, mudu kekiya, and bulgaros.  Kefir is usually made of ferment milk. Milk used to make kefir from milk of different animal such as cow’s milk, sheep or goat’s milk. In the Caucasus Mountains, kefir has been used centuries ago by the shepherds who brought the milk stored in leather bags and then the liquid ferment into fizzy sour liquid. This turned out to produce fermented milk nutrients that give kefir health benefits for the health of the human body.

Just as with yogurt, kefir can also be made from milk that has a full-fat, non fat milk, or skim milk with fat part. Kefir can be consumed with a drink or eaten with a spoon, and in order to make more delicious kefir was to eat, then you can add other healthy foods into kefir such as fruits, raisins, honey, nuts, etc. or you can also make smoothies that comes from a mixture of fruit and kefir, or you mix kefir into your chowder so kefir become more varied and more enjoyable to eat.

In order not damaged nutrition in kefir, or probiotic bacteria do not die, so avoid cooking kefir at high temperatures, and eat kefir when it is still good condition and safe in the refrigerator at cool temperature around 4 C when you do not consume kefir that you buy or create your own, so the quality of kefir is still good, and kefir health benefits still can be found.

Kefir Nutrition

Kefir is one of the healthy foods that contain various nutrients in it, and the content of the nutrients found in kefir include fat, carbohydrate, protein, calcium, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and vitamin K.

Kefir Health Benefits

There are a lot of kefir health benefits for human health caused by the content of the nutrients found in kefir,  and some health benefits  of kefir  that include as follows:

• Preventing the virus
The content of probiotics in kefir give kefir health benefits to improve the health of lactobacilli, yeast, and also compounds called kefiran which is estimated to have a positive effect on the immune system and can help ward off infections and viruses from various diseases.
• Accelerate the healing process
Mineral content and essential amino acids in kefir beneficial to accelerate the healing process and care for the body. And one of the essential amino acids abundant in kefir is tryptophan that gives a relaxing effect on the nervous system
• Helps digestive processes
The content of the enzyme in the kefir is other kefir health benefit that useful to assist the digestive process in the body to be able to run better.
• Minimize exposed to various diseases
Consuming kefir regularly will help stimulate the production of enzymes in the body where the supply of enzymes that can help make the work of  liver, pancreas, and bile becomes lighter, and help minimize the diseased liver, pancreas, heart and diabetes
• Protects the body from infection
Nutrition in the kefir is also useful as anti-inflammatory and able to stimulate the lymph to produce white blood cells optimally useful to protect the body from various infections.
• Improve the function of muscles, joints, and motor body
Consuming kefir regularly will be able to give kefir health benefits to improve the function of muscles, joints and the body’s motor system. Also able to improve muscle reaction and accelerate muscle recovery and stress to the muscles properly maintained then you should do exercising regularly.
• Curing of diseases candidiasis
Kefir is also beneficial to cure disease Candidiasis (fungal attack on the mucous membranes of the mouth organ). This disease usually affects infants under 2 years old, and also affects adults who consume drugs in a long time. Use of kefir can treat infants with a drop of kefir on the baby’s mouth and for adults by making kefir as a mouthwash.
• Preventing pneumonia and pneumococcal
Kefir has the ability to improve the performance of the lungs in block foreign objects, such as water. Those who diligently consume kefir has the risk of pneumonia is much smaller than those who do not consume kefir. And kefir has ability in suppressing attacks the lungs wet, then it implies that kefir is also able to suppress the onset of lung inflammation (pneumonia)
• Prevent and treat asthma
Consuming kefir regularly helps to prevent and treat asthma, and kefir made from goat’s milk provides the best effect for asthma. And besides diligently drinking kefir, don’t forget to keep away from asthma triggers such as dust, cold temperatures, and stress, and diligent exercise regularly so that asthma can be prevented.
• As an antioxidant
One of other kefir health benefits is also useful as an antioxidant for the body that can counteract free radicals that attack the body’s and it will increase the body immune from various diseases such as tumors, and cancer.
• Preventing illness when seasons change
Other health benefits of kefir is a natural remedy for disease during seasonal changes such as diarrhea, indigestion, typhoid, and others, because probiotic bacteria contained within the kefir to optimize the body’s metabolism in order to work smoothly
• Improve heart health
Consuming kefir regularly helps to reduce the risk of heart disease because the enzyme contained in kefir can help control levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood so indirectly help alleviate the work of the heart
• Healthy body skin and facial skin
Nutrients contained within the kefir give kefir health benefits  to nourish the body and facial skin, and therefore kefir has been used some as a scrub for skin health and beauty of face and body
• Assist the establishment and strengthening of bones
Calcium content in kefir is a source of minerals that are beneficial to the formation and strengthening of bones in newborn babies in the womb  of a pregnant woman. Calcium and magnesium are useful also for pregnant mothers because of their need for this mineral could be 3 times higher than a normal person needs. Besides consuming kefir regularly able to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk from mothers who are nursing babies.

In addition to the above information there are many more kefir health benefits for the health of the human body, and since it makes kefir as one healthy food to be consumed on a regular basis is a good thing to do, so the body will keep fresh strong, and healthy.

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