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juicing recipe

Juicing Recipe

It has been known to many people that fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are very good for the health of human body, but sometimes there are people, including children who do not like fruit and vegetables although they know the nutrients such as vitamins and fiber contained in fruits and vegetables is important for the body’s metabolic system so it can run well and also help body to become healthier and stronger, and to overcome this problem, you can make healthy juice for you or your child, so they can still eat fruit and vegetables easier, although they don’t like, and below there are some juicing recipes and the health benefits of each juicing recipe for the body that may be useful for you or anyone who wants to make a healthy juice for the family or for himself.

Juicing recipe for preventing stroke and heart exposed
Purple grapes without seeds 50 gr
Melon 100 gr
Chicory 50 gr
Pineapple 50 gr
Ice cubes 150 gr

Juicing recipe to prevent or reduce cholesterol
Fuji apples 100 gr
Carrots 50 g
Melon 50 gr
Pineapple 50 gr
Chayote 30 g
Ice cubes 150 gr

Juicing recipe prevent uric acid
Pineapple 100 gr
Lemon 150 gr
Ginger 100 gr
Mint leaves 6 pieces
Ice Cube 150 gr

Method for production of healthy juices above are as follows:
– Wash and clean all fruits and vegetables and then peel it, but for certain fruits such as apples, and grapes do not peel the outer skin
– Input all ingredients for each juicing recipe into a juicer machine or blender to make juice and add ice cubes as much as 150 grams along with fruits and vegetables
– Blend all ingredients juicing recipes that had been prepared until smooth
– If you see your healthy juice that looks too thick you can add a little water to your taste that is not too thick
– Pour mixture fruit and vegetables juice from juicing recipe in a glass to drink, and to achieve maximum results do drink healthy juice regularly.

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