How to Make Fruit Salad

How to Make Fruit Salad Explained

By Yanti

how to make fruit salad

How to Make Fruit Salad

Fruits are a tasty and one of healthy food that contains lots of healthy variety of nutrients that are good for your health, and fruit salad made from various kinds of fruit is one right choice to be eaten as a dessert after a meal, or as well as a healthy snack when hungry, and for those of you who have never made a fruit salad then you are probably asking how to make fruit salad is both tasty and healthy for body

How to make fruit salad is not difficult or very easy thing to do, you only use a number of fruits eaten by dressing simultaneously. You can choose fruits that are preferred by the delicious taste, and dressing for the sauce as you can also use the salad dressing yourself or buy ready-made dressing and available in many grocery outlets, supermarkets, etc.

A wide assortment of fruits, especially fresh fruit to your salad taste better eaten is a key ingredient in how to make fruit salad. Fruits like apples, pineapples, oranges, mangoes, pears, grapes, watermelon, kiwi, strawberry, are several fruits that people often use in making fruit salad. You also can use other fruit such as bengkoang, blueberries, blackberries, guava, and others in fruit salad, and you can also mix with grains, beans sour cream, smoothies, and ice cream on fruit salad to make it look more attractive with more sensational flavor and of course with the addition of nutrients found in additional foods.

Another ingredient in how to make fruit salad is the dressing. For the dressing if you are going to make your own dressing then you can use the juice that comes from a particular fruit or juice that comes from a mixture of fruit that you like, or if you prefer to eat the herbs you can use like the herbal juice from ginger juice, cutcherry juice, or other herbal plants suitable for your fruit salad. You are able to add honey to the juice as well if you like your salad will taste the natural sweetness of the honey. Whenever you want to have a special sauce with a special flavor you can use fruit sauce mixed with a material that has a special smell like lavender, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and peppermint with a little salt to your salad sauce flavored with a distinctive flavor richer.

How to make fruit salad is something that is not hard to do especially if you also have some fruits trees in your garden, where you just take time to think and perform experiments with the salad sauce variety of other healthy foods then you are able to produce delicious, attractive and healthy salad fruit.


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