High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

Tips for High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

By Yanti

high cholesterol foods to avoid

High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

If you have cholesterol levels are too high, then this is a sign it’s time you tried to lower your cholesterol level which is on your body so your body back to normal and you are protected from any kind of diseases such as stroke and heart. Perhaps you are taking medication to lower cholesterol of your body so your body cholesterol levels become normal again, but in fact the best action is back to nature by eating natural food and not to eat a lot of drugs in order to avoid side effect of drug that may content chemicals that is not good for body health. By knowing high cholesterol foods to avoid, and try to eat healthy foods that have low cholesterol and high in fiber and contain high sterols too as found in several vegetables, fruits and grains that help the body’s metabolic processes in the run well, and also help to reduce levels cholesterol in the body to return to normal.

There are various types of high cholesterol foods to avoid as many types of foods that contain high saturated fats such as pork, beef, processed meats such as sausage, bacon, coconut oil, butter,  milk containing a high fat content, and so on. And for a replacement you can select healthy foods that are low in saturated fat such as low fat meat, low fat milk, also chose vegetable oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and eat a lot of  vegetables, fruits, grains, that have a low fat or no fat content .

You also avoid the bullet for the various types of fast food is widely available on the market such as fried chicken, french fries, tacos, and burgers, since most of these foods high in saturated fat, and to consider the selection of the dressing if you want eat salad, because the content of many dressings also contain high saturated fat, so keep your body can also be dangerous because it can increase your body’s cholesterol levels.

During your body’s cholesterol levels are high, low cholesterol diet should you have to do, and how to cook food is also worth to consider, and should the food you consume is not the kind of fried food but food that is processed by steaming, boiling, or baking, and this is done until the conditions of cholesterol in the body is back to normal, but even if your body’s condition has improved, you should stay away from all kinds of unhealthy foods including high cholesterol foods to avoid and only consume  healthy foods and drinks that contain lots of good nutrition for your health so your body stay healthy, strong, and protected from various kinds of diseases.

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