Healthy Diet Menu

Suggestion for Healthy Diet Menu

By Yanti

Healthy Diet Menu

Healthy Diet Menu

Having a healthy body and trim are a lot of people desire, but make an effort to obtain a healthy diet and ideal body slender often reluctant to do, with a variety of reasons such as do not like to consume healthy diet menu, could not stop to keep eating favorite foods that are not healthy and so forth.

Healthy diet menus are delicious, attractive and taste is one of support to succeed in running the program healthy diet, and you can make an attractive healthy diet menu if you want to run a healthy diet program and succeed through it, and under this there are several ways to create a healthy diet menu that may be useful for you

1. Make a list of the kinds of healthy foods you like and can be a healthy food menu that can be consumed in your diet healthy program, and you can ask or consult a nutritionist or doctor about the kinds of healthy foods is good to run your program healthy diet. There are several kinds of good healthy foods to be consumed like fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, low-fat cheese, nonfat milk or low-fat
2. Make healthy diet menus with healthy foods that you created above, create a healthy diet menu and varied diet menu every day so as not to bore you to consume and in addition to different nutritional needs of your body can be fulfilled by consuming a healthy variety of foods

Best Healthy Foods

Best Healthy Foods

3. Dispose of all types of junk food and unhealthy drinks in your house, and make full your house with only healthy foods and beverages alone, so you automatically eat only healthy foods available at home if you feel hungry and want to consume food.
4. Reduce or dispose of vegetable oil or fat and replace it with olive oil, because olive oil, although more expensive, but olive oil contains less fat than vegetable oil. And if you eat two tablespoons a day, then the olive oil is also believed to prevent heart disease
5. Reduce consumption of meat containing high fat, but choose low fat meat and also choose fish that have had low fat levels, and contain omega 3 that is good for the health of the body such as salmon fish, sardines, and Albacore tuna

With strong motivation and good planning, then your healthy diet menu can also make a delicious and attractive that increases your appetite to continue helping you to keep eating healthy food in running the healthy eating diet plan so that the body healthy, fresh and ideally could be obtained.


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  • Nice article. I haven’t learned of just fruit, but fruit and veges. You do it for single two weeks, and you entirely eat the fruit and vegetables, nil else. And only drink water. But, you can have as much as you wish. During the second calendar week, you can add fish or chicken to one meal, i think. It helps you drop off like, 5-10 pounds, i think, but i found it was tricky! You need to have a proportion of everything – you can’t eat just fruits and nuts! If you want to lose weight and Hold it off, what you take to keep in mind is relief, proportions, and exercise! You can eat what you like, but just watch how much!

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