Garlic Health Benefit

Garlic Health Benefit for Humans

By Yanti

garlic health benefit

Garlic Health Benefit

Garlic (allium sativum) is a plant part of the onion genus, allium, and originated from central Asia. And now China is the largest producer of garlic in the world. Garlic is a plant is easy to grow and can be grown all year in the farm area mountains which have sufficient sunlight. Garlic has been used by people not only for cooking but also for medication because there are many nutrients that are contained in garlic, it make many garlic health benefit for humans

Garlic plant grows about 60 cm, and garlic stems are pseudo-stem is green, while the lower part of the garlic bulb merge into the great white. Each clove of garlic coated with a thin skin that is usually thin skin is removed at the time will process the garlic bulbs.

Bulb or garlic bulb is part of the garlic is the most frequently used and consumed. Bulb of garlic usually divided into sections called cloves fleshy lot. Clove Garlic is used for consumption either raw or cooked for consumption as food or medicine for health. This bulb has a distinctive spicy taste

Other part of garlic is sometimes also eaten by people, is the leaves of garlic with ribbon-shaped or flat aft, flat edge, pointed tip, grooved. Garlic leaves about 60 cm in length and width about 1.5 cm. Other parts are also sometimes eaten is the flower garlic where the flowers are white with a form umbrellas and long-stemmed. And sometimes the flower stalk of garlic the immature white mainly of type hard neck and elephant species sold in the market for consumption. Flowers and leaves of garlic have lighter flavor than garlic bulb.

Garlic Nutrition Facts

Garlic has a wide range of nutrients that are good for health of human body, and garlic nutrient facts among others are Carbohydrates, Sugars, Dietary Fiber, Fat, Protein, Beta carotene, Vitamin B Complex, C, calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium

Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic which has been widely used as a cooking spice for various types of cuisine, can also be used to human health because of the many nutrients in the garlic, and some health benefits of garlic are as follows

1. Cough and flue

Garlic has a distinctive odor and taste due to sulfur content contained in garlic. This sulfur content can help accelerating activity in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, helping relieve compression of the nasal passages and remove the mucus.  Phytochemical content of the raw garlic is believed to help kill viruses and bacteria that cause various diseases such as killing the virus that causes the flue is rhinovirus type 2 or kill the virus that causes herpes that can cause skin disease transmitted, as well as several other common viruses. How to use garlic to treat coughs by entering  which has been crushed garlic into cold milk, then milk cold was heated for 1 to 2 minutes and drink when still warm. You also can consume garlic as much as possible when you feel sick or add garlic to the dish would you eat

2. Fever and shortness of breath in children

Decreasing fever and shortness of breath experienced by the children, is another health benefit of garlic by mixing water with garlic that has been destroyed, then applied on the bodies of children, or other means by rubbing on the body a mixture of coconut oil with garlic that has been destroyed.

3. Cholesterol

Garlic health benefit to reduce levels of cholesterol in the body, and can reduce the occurrence of blood clots in the heart arteries that are narrowed.  One study that has been published in 1994 in The Journal of The Royal College of Physicians by CS Silagy and Neil HAW, has said that garlic is an agent for reducing fat. The author also states that garlic supplements are an important part in healing high cholesterol. According them, it could decrease about 12% of total cholesterol that was occurred around 4 weeks after treatment.

4. Cancer

Organosulfida content in garlic are believed to help heart toxic chemicals in processing in the body, including the compound chemical that causes cancer, especially colon cancer, and the stomach. Several epidemiological studies have shown that people a lot of eating garlic will lower risk for exposed colon cancer and stomach cancer. For maximum results of researchers from Penn State has recommended to let Unipersity collision or pieces of garlic at least 10 minutes to give time for garlic form content that can help fight cancer.

5. Gestation

Based on various studies show, consuming garlic during pregnancy, it can reduce the risk of pregnancy complications because of increased blood pressure protein in the urine (Pre-eclampsia). Studied results also showed that garlic can help increase weight than babies who are too small, stimulate growth, and reduce the possibility of complications at birth when consuming garlic on a regular basis during pregnancy.

6. Hemorrhoids

Other garlic health benefit for medicate hemorrhoids.  Put some garlic that have been destroyed in the anal region which has been cleaned with warm water and soap for several minute and served until doing this 3 to 5 times

7. Increase Stamina

Garlic is also believed to increase stamina and physical strength with eating garlic every day on a regular basis within a long period

7. Antioxidant

Other health benefits of garlic as antioxidant that can fight free radicals in the body so that it can enhance the immune system in body of various diseases caused by free radicals such as premature aging, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, and so on

8. Menstrual pain

Garlic health benefit other is to treat the pain when menstrual by drinking warm water have mixed with 3 to 5 garlic that have been crushed or blended.

9. Seasickness

People who suffered because of seasickness also can be treated naturally with garlic; by eating raw garlic directly at the time was experiencing seasickness

Because of the distinctive smell and taste it makes your mouth and breath will also be feel bad if you eat garlic, and there are some tips to remove the smell of garlic on the body, among others by drinking coffee or strong tea, chewing lime zest, or not eating garlic in raw form, but eating in the form of pickles or after boiling.

Although there are many garlic health benefit but for people who experience pain in the stomach and large intestine, it is recommended to do not consume garlic, because illness was made worse by consuming garlic.


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