Fruits for Diabetic Patients

5 Type of Fruits for Diabetic Patients for Consumption

By Yanti

fruits for diabetic patients

Fruits for Diabetic Patients

What type of fruits for diabetic patients for consumption? This is a question frequently asked by people suffering from diabetes, because a patient must be able to control sugar levels in the blood as their bodies are failing or deficiency of the pancreas to produce insulin in the body, and if not controlled it will lead to health complications endanger the health of the body such as eye problems, kidney disease, high blood pressure and so on.

People who suffer from Type 1 diabetes usually starts the children or adolescents because diabetes is a hereditary disease suffered, and people with type 2 diabetes is caused by a decrease in the body’s ability to produce insulin needed by the body to the body system can work normally.

Diabetes disease can be controlled so as not to cause health complications, and how to control the type of food consumed, exercise regularly, keep your weight remains normal, and organize or take medication regularly in order to insulin requirement can be fulfilled.

A healthy diet is an effort to overcome the diabetes disease in which the type of food consumed is a healthy food that contains lots nutrition such  as vitamins and minerals which help the body to have a stable blood sugar levels, and one of the healthier foods that contain lots of fiber, vitamin , and minerals that are beneficial for body is the fruits, but certainly not all fruits good for people who suffer from diabetes, as if the fruit contain a lot of sugar, it is not good for diabetic people can cause blood sugar levels are high and this could cause several diseases in the body, and therefore a person with diabetes needs to control types of foods they eat every day, including in selecting fruits for diabetic patients.

There are a number of fruits for diabetic patients that good for consumption and make the sugar level in the blood remains stable, and also help to improve the health of the body due to various nutrients contained in fruits, and some fruits for diabetic patients are as follows.

–          Fruit Avocado

Avocado fruit is a fruit that contains a healthy fat and low carbohydrate, and effective in reducing cholesterol in people who suffer from diabetes because it will help  to maintain the level of triglycerides in the blood. It as well helps to simulate the effect of insulin in the blood by burning excess sugar molecule and convert it into energy needed for various activities. Avocado fruit is also beneficial to increase levels of potassium in the body that needed by the people with diabetes disease.

–          Grapefruit

The alkali contain in grapefruit is beneficial for diabetics patients because it helps to counteract the acidity of patients with diabetes. Grapefruits help to improve insulin sensitivity in which insulin is beneficial to help the release of sugar into blood stream that affects sugar levels in the blood of body.

–          Kiwi fruit

The content of fructose in the kiwi is very low and the variants vitamin in fruit kiwi making kiwi is one of the fruit for diabetic patient. Kiwi fruit helps increase the effects of insulin in the body because of inositol content in the kiwi. Another benefit of kiwi fruit is its ability to help people to stay healthy heart and liver, and also boost immunity against various diseases.

–          Fruit Pears

Pears to have a high fiber so petrified poses metabolism helping the body work well and the pear fruit content vitamin C too as a source of antioxidants for the body, and pear fruit also help to increase gradually to extract insulin with blood glucose thereby helping to manage blood sugar in the blood and this make pear as suitable fruits for diabetic patients consumption.

–          Fruit Strawberries

Groups of berries including strawberries are other fruits for diabetic patients because strawberry fruit plays a role in the diet of people suffering from diabetes. The fiber content in strawberries and other vitamins and minerals in the fruit is beneficial to reduce risk of heart disease, and also reduces serious risks for people with diabetes.


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