Fruit Salad Dressing

How to Make Your Own Healthy Fruit Salad and Fruit Salad Dressing

By Yanti

fruit salad dressing Fruit salad is one of the healthy foods that I like, because in addition to the delicious taste and also nutritional content in the fruit salad makes a body feel healthier, and other reasons as well as making fruit salad and also fruit salad dressing is easy to do, it only takes a few minutes from our times.

If you are lazy to make fruit salad then you can buy fruit salad is ready to be sold in the market such grocery, supermarket or fast food restaurant, as are also the fruit and salad dressing can easily be obtained on the market with different types of fruit salad dressing can be obtained in the market too, and even better you are able to buy a bottle of salad dressing that you can use many times as long as the salad dressing has not yet expired.

If you have a lot of time or not lazy then make a fruit salad, vegetable salad or mixed salad vegetables and fruits. and make homemade fruit salad dressing is fun because you can choose your own type of fruit that you want so you can know for certain nutrients and calories in fruit salad and fruit salad dressing that you will make, in addition to the cleanliness of salad that you made to be more secure, including the materials used can be sure it does not contain unhealthy chemicals or materials that are not good for your body, and below is the one of my favorite recipes to make fruit salad and make a fruit salad dressing that you can try yourself at home, and the recipe is as follows

Ingredients for fruit salad dressing
– 350 ml plain yogurt
– 100 ml mayonnaise
– ½ tin condensed milk

How to make a fruit salad dressing
Combine all ingredients and stir to blend together, and then stored in freezer so cold but not to freeze approximately ½ hour-1 hour

Ingredients for fruit salad
– 100 grams of apple
– 100 grams of grapes
– 100 grams of pineapple
– 100 grams of melon fruit
– If you want fast then as a substitute for fresh fruits over canned fruits you can use as much as 1 or 2 cans of fruit
– 1 Cheese

How to make a fruit salad
– All of the fruit skin is removed, the fruit seeds are also removed and then the meat is cut into small pieces and mixed into one

– If you use canned fruit, take the fruits from the can, and the water is separated or discharged
– Take fruit salad dressing that has been cold from the freezer and then enters the fruit mixture into the dressing to the prepared plate.

– Add grated cheese over fruits salad mixed with fruit salad dressing that was placed in a special place and decorated according to taste

– Your fruit salad and fruit salad dressing is ready to eat.


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