Eating Raw Foods

Advantages and Disadvantages for Human Health by Eating Raw Foods

By Yanti

eating raw foods

Eating Raw Foods

Eating raw foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains especially organic foods provide health benefits for the body because there are a bunch of the nutrients contained therein, and the raw food from organic plants selected to ensure that raw foods are not contain chemicals or other toxins in the manufacturing process so that only the nutrients that are clean of chemicals consumed in foods such as organic raw food.

Eating raw foods program has also been done by some people who are overweight and want to lose weight, because by simply eating raw foods is believed to be petrified to lose weight besides improving health, there is actually several positive effect by eating raw foods on the human body, and there are also negative effect if just eating raw foods, and some of the benefits and the disadvantage if only eat raw foods is as follows.

– Helps detoxify the body caused the nutrition such vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene, Isoflavones, etc. contained in the raw foods that help to remove toxins in the body to increase immunity of body against diseases.

– The amount of energy obtained from raw foods are also higher so that more activities can be done and also minimize the stress experienced.

– Minimize diabetes and also heart disease due to raw food in general has not been contaminated with a variety of artificial sugar or cholesterol  which are used to cook raw foods.

– The fiber content is high in raw foods help the digestive process went so well that facilitate digestion as well to discharge the remaining unused out of the body, and constipation disease.

– The content nutrients in the raw foods is also beneficial for maintaining healthy skin that looks healthy and glowing.

Although there are many health benefits to eating raw foods, but there are also negative effects in eating raw foods that is

– In general, nutrition are contained in healthy eating to stay awake so that the amount could be absorbed within the body but there are also a number of raw food nutrition becomes increasing when the raw food is cooked for example lycopene in the tomatoes will increase when cooking tomatoes if compare with the raw tomatoes, and it is recommend to  take lycopene from other raw foods  to fill  the lycopene deficiency because enzyme deficiency can cause diseases such as prostate cancer.

– The body will lose vitamin B12 if only consume raw plant as vitamin B12 is got in meat, and vitamin B12 deficiency will cause anemia.

To anticipate the lack of essential nutrients for the body during  you eat raw foods, so  you should eat other combination foods for you eat for example  tofu, mushrooms, soy milk, soybean oil, olive oil, flax-seed, honey, figs, eggs, and so on, so it remains in the body’s nutritional needs are met even if you do a program eating raw foods.


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