Explanation of Cempedak Benefits and Cempedak Nutrition Facts

By Yanti



Cempedak (Artocarpus integer) is a tropical plant from the family Moraceae and the genus Artocarpus. Cempedak is the fruit of one family with jack fruit, and breadfruit. Cempedak comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, peninsula, Papua, and New Guinea. Cempedak also invoked by several different names such as chempedek, chempedak, jumping duck, duck jumpy, panasapandu, and chakka, bankong, and champada.

Cempedak fruit is oval like jack fruit but with smaller size which approximately 22 to 59 cm and a diameter of approximately 10 to 20 cm, and weighs about 3 to 4 kg.  The skin of raw cempedak fruit is green and turns yellow after a ripe fruit. The ripe cempedak flesh is also yellow with a sweet juicy flavor similar to jackfruit fruit flavors. Inside the fruit there are seeds cempedak which can also be consumed after the seeds are boiled until tender.

Cempedak fruit usually bear during the rainy season is between November to February,  because cempedak fruit is not always that available in the market so people are generally more familiar the jack fruit  than cempedak fruit . Jackfruit can bear throughout the year so that more sold in the market. The price of Cempedak fruit is also more expensive than the jack fruit.

Cempedak fruit has several different species like jack fruit cempedak, and cempedak water. Cempedak fruit that is still easily be used as a vegetable or pickled, while the fruit is ripe cempedak usually consumed directly or there is also a fruit consumed in other forms such as cempedak cake, or fried cempedak. The ripe cempedak fruit simultaneously with the skin and leaves cempedak also a source of food for wild elephants.

Cempedak trees will grow and develop well in area that have enough sunlight, usually bear fruit after the age of 3 to 6 year; cempedak tree grows to about 50 feet high, cempedak leaves is green with a size of about 2 to 10 inch. Wood from trees Cempedak wet conditions, moist, and very resistant growth of fungi or termites Cosmos. Cempedak is easy sawed trees, and durable and can be used for a variety of carpentry needs in meeting human needs.

Cempedak Nutrition

Cempedak contain the various of good nutrition for human health, and nutrition contained in cempedak include fats, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Air.

Cempedak Benefits

Cempedak other benefits can be obtained from the bark and heartwood extracts cempedak which can be used as a yellow coloring, cempedak bark can be used also for making rope and to make clothes for Buddhist monks.

Cempedak also have benefits for improving human health because of the wide range of nutrients contained in this cempedak, and some cempedak health benefits are as follows:

  • Vitamin A in the fruit cempedak useful to keep the eye Health Care.
  • The fiber contained in cempedak useful to expedite the digestion process in order to run properly, and this fiber is also beneficial to embroider levels of cholesterol in the blood, and aids control blood sugar
  • The skin of the trunk cempedak beneficial for preventing diseases such tumors, because there is based on the results of research, cempedak bark contain artoindonesianidin in which the compound is included in flavonoids compounds are useful as an antioxidant for the body, and can prevent various diseases including leukemia tumor cells, and also estimated these compounds are also contained within the roots, and fruit of cempedak.
  • The content of compound heteriflavon C on the bark of cempedak from the research have showed that is also useful to eliminate the parasite that causes malaria.
  • High energy content in cempedak is 116 cal per 100 g with a combination of a low level of fat is 0.4 g per 100 g and carbohydrates and containing 28.6 g per 100 g, and then cempedak is a good option for people who want to do the diet program.
  • The water content in cempedak useful to relieve thirst, crucial role in the digestion process, metabolism, the blood and helps to supply to oxygen to the brain so it will help minimize stroke.




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