Carbohydrates Diet

Details of Carbohydrates Diet

By Yanti

carbohydrates diet


Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient and important part of a healthy diet. Carbohydrates are like the fuel for cars, they fuel our workouts, and they are the source energy for body. They are the brain and muscle’s fuel.¬† Besides as fuel for physical activities and proper organ function, Carbohydrates have a lot of benefits such as prevents any kinds of disease, building up and breaking down of molecules in the body, ¬†prevent the breakdown of muscle, and play major roles in working process of the fertilization, immune system, pathogenesis, blood clotting and others. And also carbohydrates diet it is good for body because rich source of energy to our body, providing very few calories compared to fats or alcohols

Carbohydrates diets are recommended for endurance athletes who want to maximize muscle glycogen stores, but too high carbohydrates diet can make fluctuation in energy and mood that you feel irritated and tied. People that eat a high in carbohydrates diet are less likely to accumulate fat for body if compare with people who do low carbohydrates diet. High carbohydrate diet could be due to lower energy density or have fewer calories for weight. High in healthy carbohydrates diet reduce the like hood of developing obesity if compare people who eating high in fat.

There are two types of carbohydrates, first is the simple carbohydrate or monosaccharide that made up of one or two kind of sugar. These simples’ carbohydrates contain vitamins and minerals in fruits and milk, and second is the complex carbohydrate or polysaccharide that are composed of different kind of sugar. Complex carbohydrates are considered good for body such as fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals, and whole grain.

Using Glycemic index method is one way to choose the right carbohydrates for carbohydrates diet from which the carbohydrate that is classified based on how quickly the effects of their sugar level in blood. Slowly metabolizing carbohydrates, which slowly release sugar to the blood stream, have a low Glycemic index and carbohydrate is considered good, while high GI carbohydrate, otherwise responsible for many aliments such as diabetes and hypertension

Although there is some evidence that low carbohydrate diet can help people lose weight more quickly than the low-fat diet, no one knows the long-term effect of eating little or no carbohydrate, but knows well carbohydrates can help you to know how to lose weight the right way with carbohydrates diet.


Carbohydrate Diet

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