Blueberry Nutritional Benefits

Blueberry Nutritional Benefits for Human Health

By Yanti


Blueberry nutritional benefits

Blueberry is a plant of the genus vaccinium and are from North America and is now cultivated in many countries such as south of American, New Zealand, Australia, German, Dutch, and Italian. Blueberry fruit is ripe dark blue and consumed in many countries because there are plenty of blueberry nutritional benefits contained therein that are beneficial to human health.

Blueberry plants are usually erect shrub form but there are also other variations such as prostrate form with a size of about 10 cm to 4 meters. Species of blueberries fruits are produced for commercial consists of lowbush blueberry with a smaller size compared with highbush blueberries

Blueberry fruit size about 5 to 16 millimeters, with a pale greenish color at ease, and then changed to dark blue when ripe. And in general a ripe blueberry fruit tastes sweet with a sour taste varies.

Blueberry nutritional benefits
In blueberries contained a variety of nutrients that are good for human health, among others, are carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fat, protein, Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, K, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc

Blueberries health benefits
In addition to blueberry fruit eaten directly has also long been used by people consumed in other forms, such as blueberries jelly, blueberry ice cream, and blueberry cake, blueberry cereal, and so on. And high nutrient content in blueberries make blueberry nutrition benefits for human health, among others, are as follows:

• Based on the meeting of experts in Canada likely severe in people with obesity and diabetes can be helped premises blueberry juice plus a little bacteria because the juices are experiencing bio-transformation by bacteria from the skin of fruit that can lower blood sugar levels rise abnormally (hyperglycemia) in diabetics
• Blueberries nutritional benefits as antioxidants that counteract cell damage in the body caused by free radicals present in the body so that by eating blueberries regularly will help improve the health of the body to avoid being hit from several diseases such as cancer, heart attack, and diabetes
• By eating blueberry as breakfast in the morning is believed to prevent excessive drowsiness during late morning, and in addition it is believed blueberries can also treat patients with dementia.
• Facts are found based on the results of research that eating blueberries regularly in the short term will increase concentration and performance, and in the long run be able to maintain the mental health of psychological and brain
• Regeneration of the brain associated with memory can be assisted with eating blueberries regularly.
• The content of flavonoids in blueberries are believed to help open blood vessels and blood flow throughout the body and reduce the potential for blood pressure
• The content of potassium in the blueberries useful for controlling blood pressure, and helps restore kidney function, whereas a high iron content in the fruit blueberries help in the process of blood formation
• Blueberry nutrition other benefit by consuming blueberry juice is increasing stamina, cure sore throat, respiratory tract smooth, cure influenza, chronic diarrhea, kidney stones, eczema, rheumatism, lower urinary calcium excretion, and minimize bone demineralization (osteoporosis).

Although there are many blueberry nutritional  benefits for human health, but for people who have very sensitive body better not to eat blueberries because although rare can cause serious allergic reactions such as swelling and redness of the lips, mouth, and tongue, headache, itching hives, eczema, skin rashes, runny nose, and indigestion.


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