Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf Benefits

By Yanti

Betel leaf

Betel or piper betle is creeping plant species belonging to the Piperaceae family. Betel plant has many names of betel (France), betelhe, vitele (Portugal), ju jiang (China), and sirih (Indonesia). Bethel came from countries in South Asia and South East Asia such as India, Pakistan and Indonesia. Betel leaf shaped flat like a heart with green leaf surface where the betel leaf is used a lot of people in Asia as a medicinal plant which can cure many diseases

Component in betel
Chemicals that are in the betel leaf, among others essential oils, hydroxycatechol, chavicol, chavibetol, eugenol, methyl eugenol, caryophyllene, cadinene, estragol, terpennena, seskuiterpena, phenyl propane, tannins, diastase, sugar, and starch.

Bethel leaf benefits
Betel leaf is betel plants, especially in Asian countries has long been recognized as a medicinal plant that can help improve health and cure various kinds of diseases for people who use it, and type of disease that can be cured with the use of betel leaf, among others

Eliminate body odor
way by taking a betel leaf as much as 2-3 pieces and then soak in ½ cup hot water then add a teaspoon of sugar and leave until the water becomes colder, and then take back the betel leaves from the cup to drink.

Eliminate bad breath and prevent tooth decay:
take one sheet of betel leaf and betel leaf chewing it slowly for a few minutes each 2-3 times a day, then discard the water that has been chewed water from the mouth.
Another way: boiled 5-6 betel leaves with 2 cups water to boil then cool water was boiled and filtered betel leaves and use water to rinse his mouth every morning and evening.

Treating Swollen gums / mouth:
Take 5-6 pieces of betel leaves and boil with 3 cups water to boil. After that lift the water and filter into the water then add these violations and use water to rinse it 3 times a day-rasp

Bleeding molars
Generally after tooth extraction in molar teeth, especially the mouth always was bleeding. To stop bleeding, use this herb. Take 10 pieces of betel leaf. Then wash and boil with 5 cups of water to boiling. Furthermore, gargle with the mixture every hour. Potions are also able to eliminate bad breath caused by tooth decay that has many holes.

Treating coughs
Take betel leaves as many as 5 pieces, then mixed with cloves, and cardamom cubeb each 11 pcs cinnamon and mix well with your fingers for as much as 1 pcs, then all the ingredients are boiled in 2 glass water until boiling and 1, 5 cups of water , then lift, strain and drink after a cold 3 times a day.

Eliminate underarm odor
Take a piece of betel leaf give the lime a little, then knead, and applied to the armpits, to smell disappears.

Other disease
Other diseases can be cured by betel leaves are nosebleeds, wounds, eczema, sore eyes, itchy skin, bronchitis, Eliminate Acne, cough, thrush, Whitish, protect the liver, heart pain, Syphilis, Allergy and Diarrhea

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