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Plant bengkuang (Pachyrrhizus erosus) or also called Bengkoang and Jicama are from Mexico and spread to other parts of Central America, China and Southeast Asia. Bengkuang Also is known as Mexican turnip and in many countries bengkuang commonly used as ingredients in the mix to make salad.

Bengkuang the tubers up. Like other tuber crops, tree bengkuang also include the type of honeysuckle. Differences bengkuang seedlings have the form of a soybean-like, only in a larger size. Therefore, the community also called yam bean.

Nutrition and the benefits of fruit bengkuang

Bengkuang usually used as part of a fruit or a few types of cuisine. Tubers can be eaten fresh, made rujak, salad or pickle. Bengkuang size is preferred because of fresh and sweet. Bengkuang contain water up to 86% to 90%, and therefore the fruit bengkuang useful to remove the feeling thirsty especially when eaten in the cold.

The sweet taste of bengkoang comes from oligosakarida called inulin. Inulin has been used in several countries as a sugar and Replacement decrease calorie foods such as ice cream, dairy products, and bread. This component cannot be digested enzyme in the human gut so that it passes to the mouth without metabolism intestine. In the large intestine, the inulin fermentation by the gut mikroflora a short-chain fatty acid and lactate, with the results of the addition to the fermentation process such as bacteria and gas biomass. Because of the nature that is not digested suitable inulin is then consumed by diabetics. Results of the findings of experts who promise to give indications that inulin and oligosakarida can also help prevent osteoporosis.

Bengkuang fruit can be used for the drug outside and inside. To the outside, take bengkuang and mashed placed on the body of the sick. On the inside, the skin peeled bengkuang and make according to taste cuisine eaten ago.
Chemical nature and effects pharmacologist plant bengkuang is sweet, cool, and nutritious. Gynecology chemical is pachyrhizon, rotenone, vitamin B1, and vitamin C. Part used as medicine is the root or tuber, seeds and stalk.

Bengkuang content many carbohydrates in the form of fiber. Bengkoang contain isoflavon, which works to prevent cancer of the prostate for men, while for those women, bengkuang fruit can make the skin become more elastic. Isoflavon also found in soybean.

For skin disease, bengkuang beans, mashed and sulfur ago placed the body to the sick. For diabetes, one or two ago bengkuang is shredded and mixed with filtered water, then drink every morning and night. As drug fever, skin and peeled tubers bengkuang eaten. And for eczema, skin and peeled tubers bengkuang will eat immediately. Perform routine four times a week.

Bengkuang can also treat wounds in the mouth, peeled tubers bengkuang add water and honey and then blended bengkuang and drinking. Hemorrhoids disease can also be treated with bengkuang do with taking bengkuang blended fruit and drink every morning.


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