Benefits of Papaya

Benefits of Papaya Plants for Human Health


Benefits of Papaya

Carica papaya Linnaeus or be called by Papaya, Papaw , pepaya, pawpaw, kates, is fruit of a tropical plant that is widely spread in many tropical countries around the world such as Hawaii , Brazil , southern Mexico , Philippines , Indonesia , Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia . This plant grows to a height rod with about 5 m to 10 m and has a spiral leaves with a size of about 50 cm to 70 cm., and there are a lot of benefits of papaya plant for human health.

Unripe papaya fruit is green and turns yellow after ripe , the fruit is soft and sweet so many people who love to eat directly after the skin and seeds removed, cut to be small size, and to be mixed with other fruits such as melon , pineapple , bengkoang, mango, and so on to be a fruit ice . But there is also the use of unripe papaya fruit to cook as a vegetable.

Benefits of papaya fruit for Human Health

There are many benefits of papaya fruit for human health, which is fairly well known that there is an enzyme papain in papaya fruit that is useful for treating digestive problems experienced by a person , and people who suffer from constipation can also use papaya fruit to overcome constipation so that they desire to do defecation can run smoothly

Other benefits of papaya fruit to lose weight, so it is good for people who have problems with their weight. Also beneficial for eye health as vitamin A contained in the papaya fruit , other benefit of papaya for human health as increase fertility in women and men , as well as good for people who have problem with their high blood pressure . Eating papaya fruit on a regular basis is also beneficial for the hair and scalps become healthier, thus helping to overcome dandruff experienced by a person. Papaya fruit is good too to treat acne suffered by way of putting meat ripe papaya or raw papaya on existing acne of skin.

The nutrients contained in papaya fruits like papain , vitamin A , and E are very good for anti aging skin thus helping to tighten the skin , reduce wrinkles and lift the dead cells . By eating papaya juice regularly is good for health too because vitamin C which is in the papaya fruit is also useful as an antioxidant that protects the skin from damage caused by excessive sun.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf and Skin

Papaya leaves can be used in addition to vegetables when we eat, it can also be used to soften the meat to become more tender by wrapping the meat with some papaya leaves for minutes. Papaya leaves are also used for juice to increase appetite. And besides papaya leaves, skin of papaya fruit can reliably be used to heal skin injury or wound

Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds are usually not consumed and disposed, but papaya seeds are also useful to prevent the kidneys from damage due pheotic substances and flavonoids contained in papaya seeds, they can inhibit the bacteria that attack the kidneys , and other benefits of the papaya seeds can also block the intestine from damage bad bacteria . The papaya seeds are also believed to help ward off liver disease by consuming one tablespoon of the seeds of papaya every day The papaya seeds are also believed to stop the development of tumors in the body and prevent disease typhoid.

With the various benefits of papaya plants, such fruits, seeds, and leaves so it is good if you make this healthy plant as one of plant to be consumed in everyday life.

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