Benefits of Eating Organic Food

Benefits of Eating Organic Food for Human Life

By Yanti

benefits of eating organic foodWith the increasing awareness of the importance of health, the more people who choose healthy foods such as organic food for consumption because the more people know the benefits of eating organic food for the body health if compare than eating non-organic food because organic food does not contain any chemicals in the manufacturing process such as use of biologic activity in the soil so that plants grown on the land became fertile naturally, using green manures, and so on, and this method of farming called organic farming and its products are also called organic food.

In addition use of organic materials in the manufacturing process, as well as organic food products are processed with normal or natural manner and not use a system that speeds up the production of such use of certain substances to speed up the harvest, or inject fluids of certain hormones in livestock such as chickens, and cows in order to grow more fast, so that organic food is generally more expensive than non organic food, but of course benefits of eating organic food are also greater, and some of the benefits of eating organic foods are as follows

  1. One of benefits of eating organic food are to decrease in toxins that enter the body, thereby stopping the possibility of entry of the food that  make from human genetic engineering that could be danger for  human body and cause disease in the body.
  2. Increase the intake of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals more than non-organic food so the body’s health is also increasing because a growing body immune to various diseases caused by antioxidant substances present in the organic food is beneficial to counteract the free radicals that enter into the body.
  3. Other benefits of eating organic foods are foods texture more crunchy, and taste more delicious and sweeter than conventional food.
  4. The other advantage of organic food more than non-organic food is the durability of organic foods is longer so that organic food can be eaten in a longer time.
  5. Organic food is also more environmentally friendly as the foods are free from the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides which is the pesticides and chemical can damage structures and contaminate ground water and air that is around us.

Although not all markets grocery or supermarket selling organic products, but the number of outlets that sell organic products is increasing, we can see from the increasing and the more easily we get organic products, especially in the leading outlet or restaurant, and even now many websites that sell organic products online to meet the increasing human need for organic product along with increasing awareness of people will benefits of eating organic food as safer, tastier, healthier, and durable food.


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