Banana Juice

How to Make Banana Juice and Benefits Banana Juice for the Body

By Yanti


Banana Juice

Banana juice is one of the healthy juices that make from banana fruit which has many health benefits for the human body because of the content of various nutrients found in banana fruit, and to have a more delicious taste and nutritional supplements for those of you who want to consume banana juice, then you can make banana juice by mixing banana fruit with other healthy foods, and below are two kinds of healthy juice recipes from banana juice mixed with other healthy foods that you can quickly and easily make it at your home.

Banana Juice and Soy Milk

Benefits: To improve your stamina as well as expedite the process metabolism

2 bananas, orange juice 200 ml, 300 ml of soy milk, 5 tablespoons honey, and some ices

How to Make:
– Bananas opened its skin and then cut into smaller sizes
– Put a banana that has been cut into the machine blender, and mix well as other materials such as honey, soy milk and orange juice and then blend until smooth
– Inserted into the banana mixture in the glass and ornamental glass according to taste

Banana Juice and Tofu

Benefits: useful to increase energy production in the body needs in a variety of activities

2 pieces of banana, 200 g tofu, 300 g strawberries, 500 ml orange, and some ices

How to make:
– Strawberry after washed and then put into freezer for about 6 hours
– Fruit banana skin removed and then cut into pieces
– Take strawberries from the freezer and then input into the blender machine and combine bananas, orange juice, tofu, and ice into blender machine and then mashed.
– Juice banana and tofu that has been transferred into a glass that is set up and decorated according to taste.

There are many types of banana juices you can make is mixed with other foods, you can mix the banana juice with your favorite foods such as bananas blended with smoothies, yoghurt, ice cream, grapes, black berry fruit, bengkoang, or other fruits, and so forth. Here you just develop your imagination and attention to nutritional value and calories contained in banana juice you want to create so that you can get double benefits where you can quench your thirst by drinking delicious banana juice, and get nutritious from juice that help you to be able to maintain and increase your body to stay healthy and fresh.

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