Green Coconut Water

Benefits of Green Coconut Water Green coconut water comes from green palm that grows in many tropical countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Green coconut water has long been a popular beverage in tropical countries are either in fresh or already processed beverages such as in the packaging box, and canned. Green coconut water is a beverage that is popular in tropical countries, many children, adolescents, adults and older people drink green coconut water, and the price is

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Benefits of Papaya

Benefits of Papaya Plants for Human Health Carica papaya Linnaeus or be called by Papaya, Papaw , pepaya, pawpaw, kates, is fruit of a tropical plant that is widely spread in many tropical countries around the world such as Hawaii , Brazil , southern Mexico , Philippines , Indonesia , Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia . This plant grows to a height rod with about 5 m to 10 m and has a spiral leaves with a size of about 50

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How to Eat Healthy in College

Tips for How to Eat Healthy in College By Yanti Start a new life in college, especially for those of students who do not live with their parents are a new and changing lifestyle patterns of them, where the students have to learn a new place, new friends, also a new way to eat well because they have to choose their own food and this can continue in the habit for next step in their life, and that is in

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